Frequently Asked Questions

Does the parent have to be present at the lesson?

Yes. The parent plays an important role in musical training, no matter what method the teacher is using. A noticeable difference can be seen in a child's progress when the parent is actively helping their child.

I don't know anything about music. Is it still possible to put my child in lessons?

Absolutely! One parent will be taught the basics of the violin before the child starts to help fill in this gap.

How old does my child have to be to start lessons?

This varies! Normally, children are ready to learn violin at the age of four. When the child can sit for extended periods of time and follow instructions, then the child is usually ready. A child's level of intelligence is not a good deciding factor, but their eagerness and willingness to learn. This may mean the child will be ready at 3, and sometimes not until 5.

Where are you located?

I hold lessons at a church, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, in North Richland Hills, Texas. The address is 3900 Scruggs Dr., North Richland Hills, Texas.

I have other children. Can I bring them along to lessons?

Absolutely! Siblings often pick up an interest in learning a music when they see their sibling learning. Just as long as they aren't playing loud videogames that distract the student, they are more than welcome to come.

Do the children learn to read music?

Yes! While the Suzuki Method focuses on ear training first, the student will be introduced to music theory and sight reading very early on.

Is group class optional?

No. Group class is an integral part of the Suzuki Method. It helps encourage students to continue with their violin studies, promotes comradery and friendship with their peers, and gives the students an outlet to use what they've learned in their private lessons. Group classes are one of the main reasons the Suzuki Method stands out. 

My child is super shy. Can we skip recitals?

Just as group class promotes comradery among the students, so does the recital. It gives the student a chance to showcase what they've learned, but also encourages other students to continue their hard work. Recitals help the student build up courage and conquer their fears. You will often find that the shy child will shine in recitals and helps them build confidence. Many students look forward to recitals (It might be because Christina also plays games, gives out rewards, and has pizza afterwards). As a result, recitals are mandatory in Christina's studio. 

Do you do trial lessons?

Since Christina adapts her teaching style to the student, she has to get to know the student. Trial lessons do not allow a good teacher/student relationship to develop and allow Christina to adjust according to the student's needs.

Moreover, if students feel like they have an end date, they do not often put their best foot forward. Sometimes starting a new instrument can be exciting, but that excitement can dry up after practice sets in. By requiring the students to complete a semester, the student has more of a chance to push through the difficulties of daily practice and come to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

If I pull my child out in the middle of the semester, do I get a refund?

No, there are no refunds once the semester begins.

Do you do online lessons?

Online lessons are reserved for special cases only, such as emergencies. While online lessons can be a great way to start learning when the student is not close by, there is a vast difference between in-person and virtual learning. Additionally, poor bandwidth and internet speed, violin breakage, tuning, etc., can severely impede learning and take up precious lesson time. As a result, online lessons are reserved for special cases only.

Should I rent or buy a violin?

There are several violin sizes.

If the child is still small, renting until the child is fully grown and/or fits the largest violin size is the better option for economical reasons. Once the student can play on a full sized violin, purchasing a high quality instrument is highly recommended.

Christina's favorite rental is in Keller, Texas. Please call ahead to make an appointment. 

There are also online renters, such as  and