Policy and Payment Plan


The Suzuki Method is renowned for its ability to work with all ages, especially the young.

The complete Suzuki Program is as follows:

> For new students (especially if the child is young), a parent will take a basic violin class before the child begins. This requirement may be waived under certain circumstances (such as the parent already knows the instrument).

> Parent Training Course. Many parents ask the questions, "How can I get my child to practice more?", "How do I know if my child is doing well?", or "Why isn't my child progressing faster?" To address these concerns, a special parent training course is reserved especially for parents. Not only will you hear from experienced Suzuki parents, we will review the Suzuki philosophy on the importance of the parent in the child's progress, and learn how to work with your child's personality.

> Weekly group class *during school year. In addition to a private lesson, each student will attend a weekly group class. Group class promotes comradery and an enjoyable experience for the students. Group class also supports ensemble playing, teamwork, and gives the child a chance to use the skills acquired in private lessons.

> Daily listening is important for developing the child's ear and promotes higher quality violin playing. The child will listen to the Suzuki recordings on a daily basis.

> Recitals. There will be two (2) recitals, one per semester. These recitals will give the children a change to showcase their skills and support their fellow students. 

> Positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is important for enjoying the journey of violin training.

For the full studio policy, including absence policies, Scheduling, and make-up lessons, you can request it by email at cleano@udallas.edu

Payment Policies

Fees are by school semester, with the option for 3 monthly payments. The Suzuki method incorporates a group class, which will be held during the school year only. The normal fees for the school year is as follows:

Fees per semester:

$450 for 30 minute private lesson + group class

$650 for 45 minute private lesson + group class

$835 for 60 minute private lesson + group class

Payment Options:

You have the option to pay upfront or pay in 3 installments of

$150 per installment for 30 minute private + group class

$217 per installment for 45 minute private + group class

$279 per installment for 90 minute private + group class

 For the summer months (June – July),

Summer months are flexible. You can choose the amount of lessons you want for June and July, and which weeks you are available.  For instance, if you want four lessons total, you can choose to do 2 in June and 2 in July or you can do all four lessons in June, etc.

4 lessons total:   30 minute: $90 | 45 minute: $135 | 60 minute: $176

6 lessons total   30 minute: $132 | 45 minute: $198 | 60 minute: $264

8 lessons total   30 minute: $176 | 45 minute: $264 | 60 minute: $352

Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card. If you choose to pay by credit card, you can choose either PayPal or Zelle. My email is cleano@udallas.edu.  My phone number is 817-296-3361


Effective August 15, 2022, the locations are as follows:

For Private One-on-One Lessons, the location is at:

3700 Ashford Dr

Bedford, TX 76021

Please enter by backyard orange gate closest to Cummings Dr. Private lessons will be held in the yellow building in the backyard.

For Group Class Lessons, the location is at

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church, 

3900 Scruggs Dr. 

North Richland Hills, Texas

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